Who we are

The Mango Tree Project is Paulina Gutierrez and Darrin Polischuk and everything we create and make. We moved from Northern Baja to Sayulita Nayarit with the goal of living a creative, healthy, play-filled life and raising our family with a close connection to the ocean, nature and our community. Join us on Facebook

and view a small sample of what we can sell to you online on our etsy page.

Darrin Polischuk created and directed Canada’s first action sports TV program for the Outdoor Life Network in 1999 called 16mm Beyond the Action, later called Exposure when Fox Fuel licensed the show for 34 episodes. The basics of story telling “people doing something for a reason with passion” forms the foundation of Darrin’s work to the present. Producing/directing/shooting event based TV/web programming and boutique web clips and mini documentaries for IMG Canada and US clients such as Boost Mobile broadened Darrin’s experience as a producer/shooter/director and editor. In the summer of 2012 Darrin was a camera operator and 2nd unit Director for season 1 of MTV’s Mi Vida en Sayulita.

Darrin’s emphasis on more cinematic projects and assisting business use video keep him very busy. He takes pride in creative use of video to bring the passion of peoples work and lives to the screen.



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